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Dear Friends, 

As you may know, we recently released an EP called "The Radio EP." While we are so, so proud of this release, bringing it into this world rendered us utterly and completely broke. So, we got to thinking. One can register for desired gifts when they plan to birth a baby, so why can't we ask for a little help from our friends when figuratively birthing a collection of kick-ass songs? 

(OK, OK. I know an EP is not a human. But it lasts longer and pollutes less.)

To give you an idea of the things we spent our money on, here is an abridged list:
  • Studio time
  • Production
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Album artwork design
  • CD pressing
  • Distribution services
  • Promotional photography
  • Press campaign
  • Music video production
  • Promotional design
  • Merchandise
Ouch. It hurts just typing it all out. I think throwing numbers around is a little tasteless (and more importantly, might bring our sanity under public scrutiny). But let's just say this added up to quite a lot in expenses.

Now, we are on tour promoting "The Radio EP." Touring also comes with costs. Many venues and promoters pay bands as little as they can get away with. (Not all, but many.) Gas, food, and lodging add up. Our '99 15-passenger van, Jenny, often requires pricey TLC to keep running smoothly. These expenses alone pretty much eat up any money we can hope to make on the road.

We have three main sources of income as a band: Music sales, merchandise sales, and payment for playing gigs. All of these trickle in slowly and in small amounts. We all work "real" jobs and pay out of pocket for any expenses the band's income doesn't cover. The industry being what it is these days, there are no guarantees that we'll ever make back the money we invested in producing and promoting this EP. There are no guarantees that we'll sell every CD we pressed, every shirt we had printed, or get paid for every gig.

We've been at this for 5+ years. We're finding that taking things to the next level requires a lot of investment up front with a slow return. We would love to be able to keep our independence as a band. We don't want to rely on a record label, give up the rights to our music, which we treasure, and leave the legwork to a bunch of strangers. The hard work we put into this ourselves makes us appreciate it all the more.

Now, we don't need to make back all of this money. It's a labor of love, after all. But some would be nice. It would go a long way toward helping our little band survive and hopefully making more new records for you in the future.

This is where you kind, generous folks come in. We humbly request your help with making this whole deal sustainable. Whether your support comes in the form of buying a CD or shirt, or simply making a donation, anything you can give will be met with the deepest appreciation.

Man, if we could pay the bills with high-fives, that would be a dream come true (literally, I once has a dream that high-fives were a form of currency). But sadly, humankind has yet to see the light on that inevitable economic paradigm.

We didn't want to run a Kickstarter campaign or Indiegogo campaign or the like because to us, it's not about reaching a goal. We don't want to put pressure on those who support us to meet a deadline or quantify their dedication as a fan with a debate over which reward package they want. But it is no secret that crowdsourcing is the future - and probably the present - of independent music.

So we ask you here, on our super chill website, for a little bit of alms. Let's keep this casual. No pressure, just do what you can. If you like (or love) what we do, please help us keep it going. Know that we won't assume the the amount of your donation/purchase is proportional to your love for our music. If you can't afford to donate, don't sweat it. Send us a message of support to lift our spirits during our bout of crippling debt. Those kind words motivate us than you may know.

Perhaps it sounds cliche, but we really do think of our fans as one, big extended family. Believe us when we say we know who you are and truly appreciate your support, in all the various forms it comes in.

Lauren, Tim, Rob, and John
American Pinup


P.S. Sorry that we're being totally cheesy. We know. Gross.
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