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Pre-Tour Mania As Is My Wont

Here we are again, the few short days leading up to a big ol' tour across the country. I have no time to be writing this, yet I am. Instead of thinking about all the things I need to prepare…Read more

Imma eat this kettle corn

Leaving Toronto. You better drop that second "T" when you pronounce it. 

Canada is fucken cool. Here's a picture of us being cool in a cool place (Montréal). 

That photo is by Danny Donovan. Now go read this…

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We Out Here

Eyo, here's an update from the road. 

Last night, we played our first ever show in Canada at l'Escogriffe in Montréal, QC. I don't speak French, but I think they liked us. We have many Canadian dollars to exchange. …

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I dunno, people.

I don't know how weird to get with this thing. I mean, it could get really weird if we wanted to go that route.

Basically, I think people probably want to read about the stuff going on with the band…Read more

Post-Tour Update

Heeeeyyy sooooo.....


I totally did not update this during the tour. I realized quickly that it wasn't going to happen. We had shows to play, equipment to load, vans to drive, and Freakabouts to hang with. Basically our only…Read more

Pre-Tour Update

YOU GUYS. We leave for the Kinda Something Tour in a week! I'm very excited to be hitting the road again. We might not come back.

ALSO. The Radio EP is out! It's official. If you haven't heard it yet…Read more

Road to the Road

We're leave for a tour real soon. Usually, the way that works is you're insanely busy for a few months leading up to the tour, then suddenly everything is booked and all the arrangements are made and you actually see…Read more

The Release Show

Hello, world.

Welcome to the American Pinup blog. I'll be trying my very best to keep up with this, though when you're managing the day-to-day of a band that you also happen to play in, your time to reflect is…Read more


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